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Water and Special Features

Water Features

Water features and their surrounding vegetative communities diversify the landscape and habitats of the Dixon Center. From the bottomlands and frontage of the Conecuh River to large clearwater streams and creeks, sinkholes, seeps, and bogs, each water feature creates unique communities of plants and animals.

a flowing stream with rocks

Water History

Aside from the plants and wildlife, the Dixon Family understood the value of water and used this resource for many purposes, from moving and shaping lumber to operating grist mills to supplying running water to the Dixon home. Remnants of their activities can be found across the property.

Solon and Martha Dixon looking at a flowing creek
view of a creek with clear water and vegetation along the banks

Management Process

Although the Dixon Center does not manage water, we realize the value of water and work to protect it in every way we can. Historically and today, water considerations go into forest management decisions that pertain to harvesting, skidding, road maintenance, and many other activities.