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Current Rates

Rates as of January 4, 2016

All rates are per person with minimum of 15 persons required for meals. Smoking and pets are not allowed in any buildings.

Single Night
Multi Night
Private & Semi-Private Rooms
Bunk-style Dorms

Meal rates are per person rates with minimum 15 persons required for meals. 6% county rate tax is applied per meal for non-exempt visitors.


Breaks consist of coffee, tea, and lemonade with brownies, cookies, and cinnamon rolls. For soft drinks, add $0.80 per break/person.

Classroom Fee

Meetings that do not include an overnight stay may be charged a classroom fee of $200.

Research Rates
(Applies to individual research projects.)

New Facility $30
Faculty Quarters $25
Dorms $20
Rome House $15