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Title: Last line of defense: firebreaks for Japanese climbing fern control

Background: Landowners and land managers need more information about strategies to attempt to control Japanese climbing fern (JCF) (Lygodium japonicum). JCF is becoming a silent threat that is creeping across our stands and often going unnoticed until it begins growing vertically. We are actively trying to develop a strategy for the property by prioritizing stands with Japanese climbing fern infestations and trying to treat sites where possible. A large part of the monitoring and treatment strategy has involved roads and firebreaks. Firebreaks are plowed and refreshed on a periodic basis as part of our prescribed fire program. Whenever possible, we try to utilize natural fire breaks, wet areas, and limit soil disturbance. With over 40 miles of firebreaks and roads, these areas provide an open seedbed for JCF and are a conduit for the spread. Attempts have been made in selected stands to treat fire breaks to contain JCF from growing vertically and spreading to other stands. Once the firebreaks around a selected stand are treated by backpack sprayers or an all-terrain-vehicle (ATV) tow-behind sprayer, JCF is then treated within the stand with spot treatments from backpack sprayers.

Expected Outcomes: This effort will focus on demonstrations of firebreak and stand treatments, which will include photograph points, videos, and manager notes that will be completed before, during, and after the treatments to provide users with the full documentation of the application throughout the process. These materials and the associated webinar provide information about JCF, highlight the biology, and offer examples of the attempts to treat and monitor JCF at the Dixon Center.

Funding provided by:

The Alabama Invasive Plant Council

Links for more information:

Southeast Exotic Pest Plant Council



Biology and Control of Japanese Climbing Fern (Lygodium japonicum)

Minogue et al 2016

Demonstration photos can be accessed online via the SDFEC gallery at Flickr.com.

Direct link to the Session – begins December 14th at 10:00am Central Time. View the Japanese Climbing Fern Webinar

Access the chat program for the Session if you want to ask questions or interact.

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